🛠️Getting set up

Step 1: Sign Up - New User

Go to Sumer's landing page and press the "Go to App" button to launch the app and start the sign-up process or try our demo version to explore Sumer first.

We you are ready, you can log in with your Google or GitHub account. Additionally, you can create your own user account just for Sumer.

Step 2: Register your project

After completing the login process, press "Continue" to start the onboarding.

You must register your project by simply creating the name.

Don't worry about this, you can edit it later.

Step 3: Integrate the SDK

Your project will be created, and a key will be assigned. You will need to copy the key to complete the SDK integration.

Follow this quick and easy tutorial to integrate Sumer into your project.

Step 4: Enjoy Sumer!

🥳🥳🥳 Your dApp's transaction errors are being monitored now, so you can start checking valuable error information on your dashboard if there are any.

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